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School Rulers: Simple and Cheap Spanking Paddles

school ruler spanking paddlePlain old school rulers make surprisingly effective and cheap spanking paddles. The main advantage of using a ruler as an impact toy is that its an incredibly versatile tool. Its shape, size, and light weight give you the option of delivering either a precisely-targeted slap, or a large spank covering a wide swath of flesh. With a ruler, you can deliver a quick, stinging bite directly on your partner’s nipple, or you can use it to deliver a forceful spank across your partner’s backside. I recommend stacking together two or three rulers in your hand while dishing out spankings for extra force and pain.

Choosing A School Ruler

Wooden rulers are preferable to plastic rulers because they are heavier, sturdier, and easier to grip. Many wooden rulers have a metal edge that sticks out of the side. I’ve seen warnings not to use metal edge rulers as spanking paddles because they may cause cuts, but I’ve been using metal edge rulers for years and have yet to encounter this problem myself. Still, it’s a safety issue that needs to be considered, and if you don’t feel comfortable taking the risk, then stick to pure wooden rulers without the metal edge.

Buying a School Ruler

The best time to buy school rulers is during back-to-school season when they are often on sale for less than a dollar. For additional savings, check out the back-to-school sections a few days after school starts as this is when the stores mark their school supplies 50-70% off. I once scored a bunch of quality wooden school rulers at Target for only ten cents apiece! You can find school rulers in the office supply area of a store after back-to-school season is over.

2 Responses to School Rulers: Simple and Cheap Spanking Paddles

  1. Michelle Evans says:

    Don’t forget the large or small paint stirrer’s at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I pick up 3-4 every time I go in. Sand them down lightly if needed but for the most part WOW…OUCH they work on my spankee’s bottoms very well. They each get to label their own, it helps to personalize their reason for having to come see me OTK.

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