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Save Money on Condoms by Buying Online

Saving Money on CondomsThe best way to save money on condoms is to buy them online and in bulk. Brand name condoms are sold at such deep discounts online that they are often much cheaper than buying them at brick-and-mortar stores even with shipping calculated into the cost. The discounts get even better if you purchase them in bulk packs of 100 condoms or more. Condoms have an expiration date of 2-5 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to go through your bulk purchase (check the package for specific expiration dates).

On a recent shopping trip to Target, I checked the price of two popular brands of condoms and compared them to prices on Amazon. I chose a 24-count pack of Durex Extra-Sensitive condoms and a 36-count pack of Trojan Ultra-Thins. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after I left Target that I found out that Amazon doesn’t sell single packs of Trojan condoms, so I had to make the comparison to a bundled 2-pack of 36-count Ultra-Thins (72 condoms total). Here are the results of my comparison shopping:

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As you can see, you can save over 30 percent off the purchase price by buying these condoms online. The Trojan 2-pack on Amazon even offers free shipping, so no hidden expenses there.

If the 30 percent discount isn’t enough to make you consider buying condoms online, then check out the prices on bulk packs of condoms. I compared the prices of the 100-count packs of the condom brands mentioned above, plus some other brands to show you how far the savings go.

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Although the Trojan Ultra-Thin 2-pack is a great deal compared to Target’s prices, that same deal is expensive compared to the bulk packs of condoms available on Amazon. A 100-count pack of Okamoto condoms is nearly half the price of the Trojan 2-pack and is eligible for Super Saver shipping. Even if you estimate the shipping costs on the other condoms to be between $2.99-$5.00, the amount you spend is still less than what you would pay at your local department store.

You can find the best deals on condoms by checking Amazon’s Bestsellers in Condoms list. They’re often bestselling because the prices can’t be beat.

I realize that many people have fierce loyalty to their particular brand on condoms. Some Trojan people will stick with their Trojans no matter how high the price is, for example. That’s fine and understandable. My point here is that you will save a lot more money buying your Trojans in bulk on Amazon than you will buying it at your local drug store.

5 Responses to Save Money on Condoms by Buying Online

  1. Candy says:

    It’s disgusting how much stores price gouge on condoms. How irresponsible.

  2. Celma11 says:

    It is probably because it is a high theft item.

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