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New Feature: Free Erotic Stories

free erotic stories

Did you know that Amazon’s Kindle Store has a treasure trove of free erotic stories? There are hundreds of erotic short stories, novellas, and full-length books to choose from. Moreover, reading free Kindle books is a great way to find new authors and sample their work. If you like what you read, you can support them by purchasing their paid content.

Don’t feel left out if you don’t have a Kindle:  Amazon’s Free Kindle Reading Apps allow you to read Kindle books on your PC, Mac, phone, and iPad.

With this post, I’m introducing a new feature on Frugal Sex where I’ll be posting links to free erotic Kindle books. Please keep in mind that Amazon’s prices change hourly, so books that are free at time the post is written may not stay free for very long. If the book sounds intriguing, then download it ASAP before the price goes up.

If you have any specific requests, then email me or let me know in the comments; I’ll see what I can find. Recommendations for good books are also welcome.

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