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New Feature: Adult Giveaway Listings

adult giveaways

Today I am adding a new feature to Frugal Sex: Adult Giveaway listings. Every Monday, I will post a round-up of the latest adult-themed giveaways from around the internet. This will include giveaways where the prizes are sex toys, sex store gift cards, lingerie, lubricants, and anything that I feel might interest my readers. As someone who has won several free sex toys over the years thanks to these types of giveaways, I feel that this is a fun and frugal way to try out new sex toy brands and sex stores.

To make this feature successful, however, I need your help. Although I follow many sex blogs and am quite proficient with Google, it’s simply impossible for me to find every adult giveaway ever. This is where I need your help.  If you’re a blogger or own an adult store, then please contact me with your giveaway’s details. If you’re a reader who stumbled across an adult giveaway that you don’t see listed here, then please let me know.  All I’m asking is for you to either send a quick message via my contact form or simply leave a comment on any post with details about the giveaway. Since I intend to for this to be a regular Monday feature, please submit your giveaways by Sunday afternoon if you want to be included in the latest adult giveaway round-up.

Finally, if you see your giveaway listed here, then please consider mentioning my giveaway round-up post on your blog or your social network. This is strictly voluntary–I’m not going ban your blog from the listings or hold a personal vendetta if you choose not to. All I’m saying is that I would very much appreciate the quick mention for sending readers and link juice your way. We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other out!

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