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Good Vibrations Packaging: Discreet, Secure, and a Great Job

Good Vibrations Packaging

The address and tracking information have been blocked out for privacy reasons.

Discreet packaging is important to me, which is why I wanted to share some pictures of a package I recently received from Good Vibrations. This is a great example of how online sex stores should be shipping out their products.

My product arrived in a plain, well-padded envelope with no indication of its contents displayed on the outside. As you can see from the close-up picture below, the return address does not include the Good Vibrations name. The envelope is padded to the point where it would be difficult for anyone handling the package to determine what is inside. You definitely don’t need to worry about an embarrassing dildo or vibrator shape sticking out for everyone to see. Overall, my order is indistinguishable from the packages I receive from vanilla stores.

Keep up the good work, Good Vibrations! I’m glad you understand and respect the importance of customer privacy, unlike certain other companies I’ve encountered in the past

For those who are curious, the product I received was a Change of Heart Retractable Bullet Vibe.

Good Vibrations Return Address

Close-up of the return address.

Disclaimer: I did NOT receive any compensation for this post. I just really appreciate quality packaging.

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