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50% Off Glass Butt Plugs and Glass Dildos

glass butt plugThe Stockroom is having a large summer sale and they’ve got some very good deals on glass butt plugs and glass dildos.  Glass sex toys tend to be much more expensive than their alternatives, which is why this sale is an excellent opportunity to either stock up or give them a try for the first time.

Glass dildos have a distinctly different feel than silicone, latex, and plastic dildos. They feel much smoother and heavier, which in this blogger’s opinion, helps them deliver more pleasure than the alternatives. Another advantage glass sex toys have is that you can quickly and easily change their temperature simply by running them under hot or cold water. Try leaving them in the freezer for a few hours for added effect.

Glass sex toys are made from the same sturdy glass that Pyrex kitchenware is famous for, so you don’t need to worry about them breaking while in use. They can take quite a bit of punishment!

Here are the deals that The Stockroom is offering on their glass sex toy collection.

Sun Plug (pictured)$12.50 – 50% off

Crystal Clear Anal Plug$12.50 – 50% off

Double Beaded Anal Stimulator$14.00 – 50% off

Bent (curved glass dildo for G-spot stimulation) – $16.00 – 30% off

The sale ends August 15.

Note: The Stockroom features nudity on their homepage.

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