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Fleshlight: 15% Off Site-Wide Sale

Fleshlight SaleThe official Fleshlight website is offering a 15% discount off all of their products. It is so incredibly rare to see Fleshlights on sale that this deserved its own special post. Most sex stores exclude Fleshlights from their discount promotions, so this is a very rare opportunity to get one on sale. The sale ends September 6.

What I love about the official Fleshlight store is that you can customize your own Fleshlight. You get to choose the case color, orifice, and the textured lining inside. I’m somewhat jealous. I know women have far more sex toys options than men, but I’d love to see a build-your-own dildo or build-your-own vibrator store.

If you feel like saving even more money, Fleshlight has their new Blade Fleshlight product marked down to $50. To be honest, I can’t see how modeling your fleshy sex toy after a sword is a good marketing decision. Wouldn’t reaching for a plastic sword hilt in the middle of a hot porn session give you pause and kill the mood? Maybe I need to be a guy to understand.

Note: The Fleshlight website contains nudity and softcore porn.

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