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Basix Rubber Works 6-Inch Dong Review: The Worst Dildo in the World

Basix Rubber Works Dildo 6-Inch Dong Review

I’ll state upfront that this is more of a cautionary tale than it is a sex toy review. My experience with Pipedream’s Basix Rubber Works 6-Inch Dong was so bad that I was loathe to even try it out.

basix rubber works 6-inch dong packaging basix rubber works 6-inch dong

It all began when I was shopping for a new dildo on Amazon and stumbled across the Basix Dong. The product description was promising—phthalate-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and made in the USA with American-made rubber. It looked and sounded safe. Best of all, the price was low, making this seem like a great bargain. How could I go wrong?

I found out a week later when it arrived in the mail. In the words of The Critic Jay Sherman, “It Stinks!”

it stinks

No really, it literally does stink.

It has such a powerful rubbery stench that you can smell it from across a room. And it’s not your standard rubber smell, either. Oh no, it has this strange perfume scent that blends in with the rubber. It’s as if the manufacturer realized how terrible their product smelled, and then desperately tried to cover it up with some cheap chemicals. It’s nauseating. It’s awful.

It also doesn’t go away.

I’ve washed it repeatedly with soap and water. I even left it out on a sunny window sill for over two weeks, hoping the fresh air and sunlight would kill the smell. Nope. It’s just as stinky as the day I got it. I can’t even leave it in my bedroom because it makes the entire room smell like perfumed rubber.

Worst of all, the rubber smell transfers to your hands as soon as you touch it. Just picking up the dildo and moving it to another room is enough to cause your hands to reek of rubber. Imagine how it would make your mouth and other body parts smell during sex. A sexy thought, isn’t it?

I’m not going to question Pipedream’s claims that the Basix Dong is phthalate-free and non-toxic, but I do have to wonder what kind of coating is used on this product that would cause the smell to so easily rub off on anything that comes into contact with it. Frankly, I find this thought disturbing enough that it kills any desire I have to use this product. It’s difficult to feel horny when you’re scared that your sex toy is going to harm your health (nevermind the fact that the gag-inducing perfume-rubber smell would quickly kill whatever arousal is there). This is why my Basix Dong will be going straight into the garbage once I’ve posted this review.


I wrote the above review in October 2011. I decided against posting it for various reasons, but kept it on my hard drive just in case I wanted to revisit it later. I’m glad I did because I’ve got a hell of an update to add to this review.

Shortly after I finished writing the above review, I tossed the Basix Dong onto a shelf in the back of a storage closet during a cleaning spree. I don’t normally treat my sex toys this way, but I was in a rush and did not care what happened to it. I forgot about it entirely until late May 2012 when I decided to get rid of some clutter in the closet. Imagine my surprise when I found my dildo looking like this:

Basix 6-inch Dong

basix dildo

basix dildo

Sometime during the six months it spent in my closet, it developed a gray stain along its base and head. I tried washing it with several different cleaning solutions, but the gray stain is permanent. The obnoxious rubber smell described above is still there, but there are no additional foul smells. It’s definitely not mold or mildew. The shelf the dildo was resting on is not stained or otherwise damaged.

I’m at a complete loss to explain why or how this happened. I am, however, very glad that I made the decision back in October to never use this dildo. It might be non-toxic and phthalate-free, but I sure as hell do not trust a substance that smells terrible and mysteriously changes color over time. Although I’m tempted to keep the Basix Dong around longer as an odd science experiment, it’s going in the garbage for real this time.

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