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Free Kindle BDSM Erotica: 5 Stories About Billionaires, Office Pets, and Cavemen

kindle bdsm

Title: Office Toy

Author: Cleo Peitsche

Description: “Office Toy is an erotic MFMM (3 guys, 1 lucky gal) BDSM story of 8,400 words.”


kindle cavemen

Title: Captured by Cavemen

Author: Laura Bliss

Description: “They are there to study nature, but they soon find themselves the ones under observation. When Rose and Larissa are captured by cavemen they find themselves the sexual playthings of well-endowed neanderthals who don’t like to play gentle.”


kindle bdsm

Title: Kept: I’ve Become His Dirty Little Secret (Kept, Taken, Controlled.)

Author: Jamie Fuchs

Description: “Light BDSM, Billionaires, Domination, Double Penetration, Foursome (FFMM), Orgasm Denial, Voyeurism”


kindle teacher bdsm

Title: Teach Her a Lesson: Five Hardcore Explicit Erotica Stories

Authors: Ann Marie Dublin, Toni Tone, Amy Dupont, Marilyn More, Veronica Halstead

Description: “This eBook contains explicit descriptions of various sex encounters. It includes office sex, threesome sex, teacher/student sex, slapping, bondage, reluctant semen swallowing, blackmail sex, rough sex, rough first anal sex, double penetration and rough deepthroat.”


kindle erotica billionaries

Title: The Well-Endowed Billionaires Club

Author: Scarlett Skyes

Description: “If she can make it through the night without screaming for them to stop she gets one million dollars. If not… she gets nothing.”

7 Free Erotic Kindle Books: BDSM, Stepdaughters, Jungle Sex & More

Strictly Business

Strictly Business [This book is normally $9.99 in print, so this is an excellent deal!]

free kindle erotica

Mated to the Jungle Tribe (An Erotica Tale of Force)

free kindle erotica

Entwined (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle: Part 1)


kindle erotica


Elizabeth’s Bondage


Free Kindle Books with Prime

Stepdaughter Sex: 10 Stepdaughter Sex Stories

Never Have I Ever

Good Girl

10 Free Erotic Books via Amazon

free erotic kindle book
Here are the latest free erotic books that are available on Amazon’s Kindle Store. You don’t need a Kindle to read them: Amazon has free apps available that will let you read Kindle books on PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone.

Welcome Home: My First MMF Threesome

Price of Pleasure

A Love Story 2

Pleasuring A Scandalous Marquess

Lustbound (Eve’s Grotto Series)

Making Mina: The Best Revenge


Free Erotic Books with Amazon Prime

The Forbidden Sex Collection (10 Short Stories)

Drenched Panties

Friends then Lovers: When Affection Turns to Passion

A Touch in Time

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