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New Feature: Adult Giveaway Listings

adult giveaways

Today I am adding a new feature to Frugal Sex: Adult Giveaway listings. Every Monday, I will post a round-up of the latest adult-themed giveaways from around the internet. This will include giveaways where the prizes are sex toys, sex store gift cards, lingerie, lubricants, and anything that I feel might interest my readers. As someone who has won several free sex toys over the years thanks to these types of giveaways, I feel that this is a fun and frugal way to try out new sex toy brands and sex stores.

To make this feature successful, however, I need your help. Although I follow many sex blogs and am quite proficient with Google, it’s simply impossible for me to find every adult giveaway ever. This is where I need your help.  If you’re a blogger or own an adult store, then please contact me with your giveaway’s details. If you’re a reader who stumbled across an adult giveaway that you don’t see listed here, then please let me know.  All I’m asking is for you to either send a quick message via my contact form or simply leave a comment on any post with details about the giveaway. Since I intend to for this to be a regular Monday feature, please submit your giveaways by Sunday afternoon if you want to be included in the latest adult giveaway round-up.

Finally, if you see your giveaway listed here, then please consider mentioning my giveaway round-up post on your blog or your social network. This is strictly voluntary–I’m not going ban your blog from the listings or hold a personal vendetta if you choose not to. All I’m saying is that I would very much appreciate the quick mention for sending readers and link juice your way. We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other out!

A Brief Note About the Future of Frugal Sex

frugal sex

First and foremost, I will resume posting sex toys deals sometime this week. Despite the lack of recent updates, this website has not been abandoned.

Next, I want to apologize for disappearing without an explanation. What happened was that I had a major move scheduled for the end of July, and everything that could go wrong with did. Moving dates got pushed back, Verizon shut off my internet a week early, and my computer completely and utterly died. It was always my intention to write a quick “Taking a Break” post, but between the lack of internet and the immense amount of stress I’ve been under, that post got lost in the shuffle. I am very sorry that this happened the way it did. I don’t anticipate having to take anymore extended breaks, but if I do, I will be sure to give you all some warning.

A few weeks ago, Frugal Sex had its one year anniversary. Upon some reflection on that event, I have decided to take this website in a different direction. Sex toy deals will still be our bread and butter, but I also intend to experiment with some new features such as reviews, giveaways, and more. I’m only starting to recover from the most stressful summer of my life, so I don’t know exactly when this will happen or what “and more” will entail. All I’m saying is that you should expect to see some changes here in the near future.

Thank you all for your support!  It is very much appreciated!

Frugal Sex is Now on Pinterest

frugal sex pinterest

Come check out the new Frugal Sex boards on Pinterest. Not only will you find the latest deals on sex toys, but there are extras like the Sex Humor board. I’m admittedly new to Pinterest and still learning the ropes, so feel free to let me know in the comments which sexy boards are worth checking out.

Speaking of sexy Pinterest boards, did you know that has reinvented itself as the porn equivalent to Pinterest? It has the same exact concept and look, but with pictures of porn instead of pictures of food and crafts. I haven’t spent too much time there (honestly!), but I know accounts are free and easy to set up. Since Pinterest has a strict policy against nudity, I’m hoping this new venture will take off.

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