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10 Free Erotic Books via Amazon

free erotic kindle book
Here are the latest free erotic books that are available on Amazon’s Kindle Store. You don’t need a Kindle to read them: Amazon has free apps available that will let you read Kindle books on PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone.

Welcome Home: My First MMF Threesome

Price of Pleasure

A Love Story 2

Pleasuring A Scandalous Marquess

Lustbound (Eve’s Grotto Series)

Making Mina: The Best Revenge


Free Erotic Books with Amazon Prime

The Forbidden Sex Collection (10 Short Stories)

Drenched Panties

Friends then Lovers: When Affection Turns to Passion

A Touch in Time

Wordless Wednesday: More Inappropriate Mother’s Day Advertisements

I know it’s “Wordless Wednesday,” but how could I not include SNL’s Fifty Shades of Grey faux Mother’s Day ad? It’s hilarious and fits today’s theme perfectly.

Mother's Day Condom Sale

Here’s Walmart giving Big Lots a run for their money in terms of Mother’s Day raciness.

Mother's Day Fail

There’s nothing sexy about this, but it gave me a good chuckle anyways. (Credit)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Free Erotic Book: His Gift

free erotic book
Today’s free erotic book is His Gift by Gillian Colbert. The book is about a loving M/f couple who are deeply into BDSM. The gift referred to in the title is a M/f/M threesome that the female sub has been fantasizing about for a long time.

Don’t own a Kindle? Not a problem–Amazon’s Free Kindle Reading Apps allow you to read Kindle books on your PC, Mac, phone, and iPad.

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