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Buy One, Get One Free Sex Toy Sale

alladin vibe iipurePASSIONATE is running a Buy One, Get One Free sex toy sale. Buy one of their 12 sale products and you’ll get a second toy added to your order for free. What’s the catch? You don’t get to pick the second toy. You can, however, preview which free toy you’re going to receive by looking at the pictures in the product description. The second image you see is the free toy you’ll get if buy the first item. For example, if you buy an Alladin Vibe II (pictured), you will receive a free Mystique II Love Ring. To find the product description of the free toy, look through the pictures of all the toys in the sale until you find a match.

Yes, I’m aware that this is a confusing and awkward way to run a BOGO sale. I was even somewhat hesitant to blog about it because I wasn’t sure if my explanation would be adequate. But this is Frugal Sex and reporting good deals is my business. I’d say getting a $22.99 sex toy for free is worth navigating the clunky interface.

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